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It is said that one winter night in the Altos de Jalisco,
a young man with blue eyes, of unknown origin but with a great purpose, to create the most exquisite sauce ever known.

While searching for the best hot peppers, he swept away the prettiest women in town. They say that he had a look that paralyzed the beauties of the region, he never wanted to reveal his real name but because of his eccentricities and anecdotes a myth was created based on his madness and genius, that’s how the people of that place named him EL DIABLO GÜERO

At some point he fell madly in love and was never heard from again, leaving with his departure his great stories buried in the most fertile land, where this famous chili is planted and with which he formulated the recipe you have in your hands.

The famous Yahualica sauce, which is not only delicious, well, legend has it that the root of that chili has aphrodisiac properties that favor singularly, that is why we are proud to plant and cultivate the most exquisite chili from Mexico to the world.

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